Client of the Month October 2017 Wanda Daniels

“I started going to EFX Fitness as a part of a 6 week challenge. In the past when I tried different gyms I could never seem to get results or stay motivated to keep going. But it’s been 6 months since I started the 6 week challenge and I still go to EFX 4 days a week faithfully. EFX Fitness is part of my life now. I feel amazing and have noticed drastic changes in every aspect of my life since starting at EFX. I am experiencing more than just losing pounds on a scale. I can see the transformation of my body and feel the improvement in my physical and mental health. I am constantly surprising myself at EFX Fitness thanks to the supportive trainers, like Mike and Dave that encourage me to push beyond my perceived limitation and achieve my full potential. It is such a positive and personalized experience every time I go. Everyone from the trainers to the people working out in the classes with me are so supportive of one another! I am so grateful to have found EFX Fitness, where I can have fun, be comfortable, and stay motivated to reach my fitness goals alongside wonderful people who support and encourage each other to keep going!”


Wandas radio interview


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“Great Trainer to Work With”

I really enjoy working with Mike, he takes the time to know his clients. The workouts are designed with each individual in mind. Kettlebell workouts are great, he challenges you all the way while making sure you have proper form and technique during the whole set. Mike guides you through each and every move. He will keep you motivated to do your best! It is amazing that you can feel the difference within yourself so quickly! I always look forward to my next session.

By Beth Crossley / Pelham, NH