EFX Manchester client of the month “January” – Wendy Michaud & Denise Llewelyn

“Exercise has always been about cardio for me, I never put a lot of value in strength training till recently. Since joining EFX in February of 2015, strength training has improved my running and overall health immensely. Prior to joining EFX I struggled with a lower back issue that forced me to visit a chiropractor more often that I should have because I was venturing into distance running. I ran my first marathon this year and did not need to visit my chiropractor for my lower back issue once. I have achieved several personal records this year with running include running a half marathon in December 2015 in under 2 hours. I shaved off almost a full 30 minutes of time from the last half marathon I ran. The EFX team has made me a believer in cross training. In addition I have learned a lot of valuable information about stretching and proper form.”

“I have always been a runner and had been doing strength training throughout the years. After having my son 2 years ago, I wanted to feel strong again. My friend Wendy introduced me to Michael and EFX last spring, and the experience has been eyeopening. Due to family obligations, I am only able to come 2 days a week, and even with that, I have seen changes in my body, as well as strength that hasn’t been there in a long time. I just completed my 2nd marathon, and the training that Michael & David have provided has been amazing. I have to say that I felt wonderful running, and noticed that my recovery time was so much faster having done Michael and Dave’s training. They are so motivating and knowledgeable, and inspire me to push harder with every workout. Can’t ask for more than that! I am very grateful to know and work with such passionate coaches!”

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  1. Victor

    Kelly,Your girls are gorgeous, and you have a keen eye for their phtoos. Did you post-process any of them, or do their wonderful dark eyes stand out that much just naturally!?!? Thanks for sharing your pictures Nancy Kay, Jamie’s mom, Chris’ MIL, and Keira’s Grammy


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“Great Trainer to Work With”

I really enjoy working with Mike, he takes the time to know his clients. The workouts are designed with each individual in mind. Kettlebell workouts are great, he challenges you all the way while making sure you have proper form and technique during the whole set. Mike guides you through each and every move. He will keep you motivated to do your best! It is amazing that you can feel the difference within yourself so quickly! I always look forward to my next session.

By Beth Crossley / Pelham, NH