Client Of The Month “November” – Stephanie B – Lost and Found

Now known as a Kettlebell Beast, she has lost 25 lbs. That in itself is a big accomplishment. But here is her bigger story…

When I sat with a dear friend in the spring of 2012 and tried to ease her passage as she faded from cancer for days and days, I felt guilty as I topped the scales around 250 pounds: My friend would have loved to work out; who was I to throw my health away?

I was then diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder and spinal stenosis and told not to lift more than 10 pounds.  I had reached a turning point.  My friend Byron posted on an EFX page on Facebook and I contacted Mike to ask if he “worked with people who had back issues…” silly me, I didn’t know what I was in for!  I found my courage, my strength, myself, found new friends, found I could push myself and do one more rep inspired by the memory of my friend (“It’s easier than chemo!”), use the next weight increment (“Take that, stupid spine!”), found kettle bells were my new passion, and found Mike and his team of trainers pushed me along even when I had to modify exercises… no jumping, running, or twisting for me.

I found the courage to end a relationship that was lost, and found the love of my life who had been hoping to reconnect (as I had been) over the past 20 years.  I found that he is amazed by my body strength and it fills me with pride.  I still have a little way to go to reach my goal, but wanted to proceed nice and slow so it stays off forever and that I build healthy habits for a lifetime.  What an amazing journey, and I’m so grateful for EFX.  Oh, and “Don’t lift more than 10 pounds?”  Right.  I have been known to swing a 106 pound bell.  You can do this.  Be inspired by and honor what is lost and found.


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“Great Trainer to Work With”

I really enjoy working with Mike, he takes the time to know his clients. The workouts are designed with each individual in mind. Kettlebell workouts are great, he challenges you all the way while making sure you have proper form and technique during the whole set. Mike guides you through each and every move. He will keep you motivated to do your best! It is amazing that you can feel the difference within yourself so quickly! I always look forward to my next session.

By Beth Crossley / Pelham, NH