Every time I sit down to write about the word diet I think to myself “Hasn’t everything already been said?” The answer would seem to be most probably yes. Being a health coach – trainer, diet coach, therapist, movement analyst, movement specialist… I gladly wear lots...

Mike’s Minute – Episode 2

The Proper Way to Squat Episode 2 Learn the basics of the squat. The squat is the foundation of many of our exercises and it's important to do it correctly so that you don't hurt yourself in the future.

Mike’s Minute – Episode 1

What is Functional Fitness? Episode 1 This is our very first segment. Every week I will pick a topic to discuss. Keeping it under one minute to keep your attention. All about Fitness!



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“Great Trainer to Work With”

I really enjoy working with Mike, he takes the time to know his clients. The workouts are designed with each individual in mind. Kettlebell workouts are great, he challenges you all the way while making sure you have proper form and technique during the whole set. Mike guides you through each and every move. He will keep you motivated to do your best! It is amazing that you can feel the difference within yourself so quickly! I always look forward to my next session.

By Beth Crossley / Pelham, NH